Radio Mics

Radio Mics

Mongey Communications have the product range and solution to meet your requirements.

RF and Wireless Systems

Mongey Communications holds the largest supply of RF and Wireless systems in Ireland. Our extensive range of Radio Microphones, In Ear Monitors and Antenna Systems support Concerts, Broadcasts, Conferences and other live events.

  • Radio Microphones
  • Bodypack Transmitters
  • In Ear Monitoring Systems
  • Frequency Co-ordination
  • RF Leads
  • Short & Long Term Rentals
  • Sales

We carry a diverse range of equipment to accommodate different technical requirements and different budgets. We can provide a complete solution from technical design, to installation, through to on-site support, so you can rest assured that your next event will be a huge success.

Wireless Links

Mongey Communications leads the way in providing competitive solutions for wireless on-site communications to support and optimize mission-critical processes.

We can offer a wide range of Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh and Backhaul radio systems to deliver high-speed video and data for broadcast, event and business requirements and we stock a wide range of transmission and receiving equipment to cater for all possible applications.

We specialise in the design and delivery of rugged, high-performance and cost-effective wireless CCTV & IP technologies to cover both indoor and outdoor settings. Over the past number of years, we have achieved an excellent reputation as a leading innovator in the design and supply of indoor and outdoor wireless CCTV and IP systems.

Fibre Optic Solutions

Mongey Communications has a skilled and experienced team of fibre optic network engineers. We carry out installation, testing & maintenance of fibre optic cable systems. Fusion splicing of single & multi-mode fibre optic cables on-site, in the field, is available. Being at the forefront of technology, we pride ourselves on our innovative products and solutions and, working closely with our clients at all times, we aim to meet their individual needs and requirements. Our Fibre Optic solutions and services include:

  • Fusion Splicing
  • Fibre Optic Cable Installation
  • OTDR Testing and Certs
  • Transmission and Receiving Technologies
  • Broadcast and Security Solutions
  • Broadcast and Security Solutions
  • Rental of Military Spec Fibre Reels up to 8 Km