Rapid Deployed CCTV

Rapid Deployed CCTV

Whether you are hosting a small private or a large public event, security has never been more of a priority than it is right now. Mongey Communications are experts in providing complete CCTV security solutions for temporary applications at greenfield sites such as outdoor music festivals like Electric Picnic.

Another excellent example of this is the recent visit of Pope Francis to Ireland during which Mongey provided an extensive surveillance and communications solution. This was a logistically complex event with high-level security challenges and required detailed planning and consultation with our clients, the OPW. The multi-site installation included the latest in high-tech security equipment such as:

  • 60 state-of-the-art, high-definition cameras,
  • a network of reliable and secure microwave transmission link equipment for relaying video feeds back to various event control centres,
  • viewing and recording equipment at the event control centres,
  • high-speed fibre-optic connectivity between various remote sites.

Integrated Video, Audio & Access Control Management

Mongey Communications can offer a fully-integrated video, audio and access control management system to provide a comprehensive overview of the security operations at a particular event or venue.

Video & Audio Analytics´╗┐

Our CCTV solutions include built-in real-time analytics such as people counting, dwell time, licence plate recognition and next generation facial recognition to name a selection. This kind of technology enables users to search for individuals from an image database across multiple cameras for potential matches (e.g. a missing child) or the ability to check vehicle licence plates against a database for fast identification.

Video Display & Recording

We can offer convenient options for displaying live and recorded footage including easy assignment of cameras and other video via drag and drop, cutting-edge split view technology and tailored monitoring layouts.

Incident Management

Mongey Communications can provide incident management solutions with enhanced search and viewing capabilities. Our video management and access control systems will work together to alert against high security risk incidents such as burglaries and activities such as tailgating.

Multi-Site Overview

With our CCTV solution systems, clients can monitor multiple sites from a single control centre and critical data can be securely backed-up to remote servers. You can also monitor live video cameras, playback recorded footage and even remotely unlock doors all from a mobile device.